What software do I use?

Editor: Visual Studio Code

After having used Sublime Text and Flash/Haxedevelop for years, I finally settled on VSCode. It doesn't get in my way or feel "heavy" as other IDEs can sometimes but still provides IDE-like features with the big library of plugins it has.

Non-exhaustive list of plugins I use:

Common NPM modules
  • next: This website itself is made with next and then exported as static files to netlify
  • husky: Manages git hooks, useful to make sure the code is run through a linter and formatter before pushing.
  • date-fns: I just like it more than moment when it comes to deal with dates
GIT gui: Gitkraken

Yes, I do use a GUI for git, it makes reviewing changes before making a commit easier and more pleasant.

Other services
  • Netlify: Netlify is just an awesome way to host your static frontends to the web and get them updated on every push on github/gitlab/other git hosting

What hardware do I use?

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Mouse

See it on amazon

I bought it because I didn't want to annoy people at the library, turned out to be a good mouse and It quickly became my main mouse. Only little annoyance is that every month or so it disconnects from my mac and I had to repair it.


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Little portable stand for the laptop. Works great with my 13" bacbook and can be folded and put in the backpack. If you don't intend to use it on the go, I'd advice for a normal stand which will definitely look better and depending on the model, will allow you to put things under it.

Logitech K380

See it on amazon

As with the mouse, I bought it to use with the stand when I went to the library. Turned out I liked the feeling of it more than the cheap mechanical keyboard I had so I started using it at the desk at home too.

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